Friday, February 24, 2012

Partyboat is the new Houseboat

So we have this building on our property.  It's not really a shed because it's finished inside and it's rather nice-ish.  It's not really a guesthouse because there is no bathroom.  It's not really a pool house because we own no pool.  We call it the houseboat because we figure what's important is to agree on a totally arbitrary name that makes no sense at all.

TSFB Dream House

When we moved in, it quickly became storage for just about everything (including my extensive collection of chairs.)  We don't have a photo of the storage bonanza because while we love photodocumenting, we hate clutter.  (we = Nicci.)  Instead, here is an artist's rendition of what the houseboat looked like inside:

TSFB Dream House

Basically it was a whole big pile of tandem bikes and mid-century modern chairs.  Also the walls were cream.  And orange.  Eww!  So we pulled everything out.

2.13.2012 005

2.13.2012 004

We painted.  (Did I mention it was cream and orange?)

2.13.2012 001

And then we made it into a comfy outdoor-ish living space.

2.13.2012 017

2.13.2012 015

Eventually there will be a fridge/kegerator, perhaps a bar and maybe even some sort of decorative scheme.  For now, it's a great place to drink beer and play cards!

2.13.2012 010


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